5 Ways My Time in Uganda is like The Wizard of Oz

5. The Gatekeeper.
I am staying in a walled, gated compound with a security guard. The guard always has to peep out to see who is at the gate before he lets them in, and it always reminds me of this:
 The Gatekeeper
4. Musical.
Nearly everyone here is good at singing, and people break into song wherever they happen to be – just because they feel like singing.
3. The Welcoming Committee
Most people here are so warm and welcoming! And I didn’t even drop a house on any wicked witches.
2. The Emerald City (or Country)
Everything is so beautiful and green here!
1. I’m not in Kansas anymore (or Texas…or Oklahoma…)
Most of the time I feel very comfortable and at home here, and I sometimes forget I am in Africa – not North America. Sometimes, though, I have those moments of realization: “I’m not in Texas anymore!”
I neglected to bring my ruby slippers with me. Oops!
Note: No one was melted in the writing of this blog post. 

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