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Last Few Days

I’m fairly sure when I leave Uganda in a few days, I will be leaving a fair sized chunk of my heart here.
Today was my last day on a Watoto farm. I started at Buloba in the feed mill that the guys are putting together, then moved to Lubbe where the machines are putting the finishing touches on the dam. The farm manager, Sam, asked me if I was sick or angry when he saw my face, but I’m just sad.
The rest of my week will be spent in the church office working on some things on the computer and attending a meeting or two. In 5 days I will be home with my family, assuming no problems with my travel arrangements.
I asked my mom if they would come visit me if I were to move to Africa. She said not to make any decisions right now because I’m emotional about leaving.
Darn right I’m emotional about leaving. I love this place and this ministry. I love what Watoto does and I’ve seen how they are always taking steps to improve.
Plus, they’ve combined loving and positively impacting the lives of orphaned children for Jesus with farming, and I don’t know how it gets any better.