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– This post copied from my personal blog – written May 25 –

Being a West Texas girl, I am impressed with any body of water that manages to remain in existence, as well as precipitation in any form. Texans tend to be impressed with big things, too – so y’all might appreciate that Kampala sits close to Lake Victoria, which is the source of the River Nile. Living in such close proximity for the last week to the second largest lake on the planet is still a little surprising to me, and it rained yesterday. For all my West Texas readers, in some places around the world, they have this stuff called rain. It’s water (ya know the stuff we have to pump out of underground reservoirs that are quickly running dry?), and it falls out of the sky sometimes. Also, when “rain” mixes with dirt (I don’t have to explain that – it blows around all the time back home), it makes mud. You should see the shoes I wore to Watoto’s vegetable and crop farm yesterday. (I’ll spare you that, though).

Today, I got to see the source of the longest river in the world. In Jinja, Uganda, you can hire a boat and a tour guide to take you out on the Nile and to see the point where the river begins from the gigantic Lake Victoria. After that little adventure, we got back in the van and headed to Wild Waters – a lodge and restaurant situated on an island in the Nile. We parked the van and got in another boat to ferry us to the restaurant where we had a delicious lunch on an open air deck on the water.

Tomorrow, we say goodbye to half of our travelling group – Vicki and Adam are heading back to Oklahoma. They are sorry to leave the pearl of Africa, but must go back to work. Adam is excited to share his experiences here!